Allowing Canadians to fulfill their home ownership dreams


3Z Mortgage is a financial product which makes home ownership available to everyone.

With a 3Z Mortgage, qualifying clients can acquire homes with:

  • Zero down payment,
  • Zero registered interest rate, and
  • Using the same Zero Mortgage contract.

Private funders have chosen to help create opportunities for clients by helping them to achieve home ownership, while also improving their credit rating and gaining cash flow.

With a 3Z mortgage, clients will be on their way to home ownership. By the end of a 2 year term, they could achieve the credit profile required to qualify for the Zero Mortgage product. Currently, rates for this product are at 7% with no principal payments. Under 3Z, clients can only acquire homes that have an income generating unit (i.e. basement apartment) to rent out. Clients are responsible for managing their homes, including renting out their income generating units. Additionally, clients are required to show their ability to make payments and provide up to three guarantors who own homes of their own.