CALM (Canadian Arm's Length Mortgage) Cashflow profit returns


CALM Cashflow is an opportunity in secured first mortgage real-estate with an expected 7% profit return.

The cashflow can then be used to offset Zero Mortgage payments – potentially dropping the payments down to zero! It can also be used to generate cash flow for any individual.

This product is available to anyone looking to open a plan, regardless of whether they enter into a Zero Mortgage or not.

How CALM Cashflow works:

The CALM client places funds with Olympia Trust for self-directed mortgages. The CALM client will instruct Olympia Trust to deposit their funds into RRSPs, RESPs, TFSAs or a non-registered plan. Targeted profit returns of 7% will be disbursed monthly by Olympia Trust to CALM clients. Olympia Trust will manage all funds and collect and remit payments. The CALM client’s name is on the registered mortgage of the invested property and they control the funds at all times. 

To make it worthwhile for the CALM client, it is recommended to invest a minimum of $10,000, to cover Olympia Trust’s setup, annual and monthly fees, estimated at a few hundred dollars. CALM clients are encouraged to contact Olympia Trust for further details.

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CALM Corporation is directed by a Canadian lawyer who controls all fees given by 3Z clients.

3Z client fees will be held to compensate for situations where either 7% monthly payments have not been paid or a power-of-sale is required, resulting in a deficit situation. These fees act as a buffer, providing assurance to CALM clients who wish to protect their profits and principal. All 3Z clients are required to pay 6 months worth of monthly profits in advance, to be refunded at the end (provided terms are complied with.) Properties and 3Z clients will be filtered and presented to CALM clients who will then decide on which properties to act upon with self-directed mortgages. A lawyer will be designated to handle any defaults. 

Product Case Examples:

Zero Mortgage Example:
New Appraisal Home: $500,000
Down payment: $100,000 (If refinancing, there may be no down payment if $100,000 equity (20%) is in property)
Mortgage: $400,000
Monthly payments 2.15%: $1,723 (principal: $1,019, profit payment $704)

Zero Mortgage with CALM Cashflow Example:
New Appraisal Home: $500,000
Down payment: $100,000 (If refinancing, there may be no down payment if $100,000 equity (20%) is in property)
Mortgage: $400,000
Monthly payments @ 2.15%: $1,723
CALM Investment: $300,000

CALM Cashflow: $300,000 @ 7%: $1,750 a month (invested in RRSP, RESP, TFSA, other funds with Olympia Trust)
Net monthly payments are now $0 as CALM Cashflow proceeds offset monthly payments of $1,723
(Monthly $1,723 payment is divided into principle of $1,019 and profit payment of $704. E.g. if $125,000 is invested at 7%, this will equal $729 a month which offsets the profit portion)

3Z Mortgage Example:
$400,000 House
Monthly Payment: $2,333 (@7% Profit only. No Principal)
Rented out Basement: $1,000
Net Monthly Payment $1,333
Setup Fee: $14,000 (6 Month Rent) held by CALM Corporation

After 2 years with 3z Mortgage:
New Appraisal Home: $500,000 (estimated with appreciation in home price)
Mortgage: $400,000 with no down payment as $100,000 equity (20%) is in property
Monthly payments 2.15%: $1,723 (principal: $1,019)
Rented out Basement: $1,000
New Monthly Payment: $723


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